Tuesday, February 22, 2011

another Little Prince tattoo

billionaie babackpack

The Little Prince...TATTOO

my city.


Important Things with Demetri Martin
Power - Some Jokes About Power
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The Creep

(me) sex, drugs, rock and roll

(me) polka dots

(me) Being Me.

(me) Chi-Run It


(me) Don't Fall In

(me) Winona, MN

Did I Brush My Teeth?

(me) Zen

(me) Wedding Dress

(me) Connect The Dots.

(me) dance, dance

(me) Lootie

(me) Under the Bridge

(me) No Loitering

tree hugger

Wilde, Oscar


(me) Walking Down the Runway


simple yet powerful

Monday, February 21, 2011

Read this book

Fear and loathing in las vegas

buddhist deity

hall and oates: the tattoo

big baby

like kate moss can actually do that.

you make my dreams!

Daniel Johnston: Artist.

Mixtape, Baby.

classic drug addict

bling bling

love me

mr. miagi